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About Capture Creations

The Creative Process

We begin by establishing individual needs and tastes. Every site is custom designed for the individual, though many sites will follow a common and logical layout. We'll discuss colors, themes, fonts, site layout, and special features. Mock-ups will be sent for approval at each step before proceeding. During the early phases of the design process, clients are encouraged to browse the internet looking for features on other sites they find appealing, allowing an insight into your personal tastes in vivid detail. All websites are developed to integrate with Adobe Contribute for ease of maintenance.
  Once your design has been finalized, we'll check all links to be sure they're working, and then deliver the final product to you on compact disk. If you plan to maintain your site yourself with Contribute, some initial content will be uploaded to show an example.


Believe it or not, you don't have to have a budget of thousands of dollars to launch your internet presence. Our sites are inexpensive and can be upgraded as need and budget allow.
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About Capture Creations

Keeping it fresh

Static, unchanging pages lose repeat visitors. For this reason, pages are built with ease of updates in mind. Each site is built around a single template so that clients can easily make content changes to pages without the risk of losing the continuity of the site. Adobe makes this possible with a simple program called Contribute. Controll all the content or just some. Venture out on your own, or send rough drafts for tweaking before publication. Made an error? We'll just roll it back.
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