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About Capture Creations

Why are you here?


You're here because you've already determined that in order to keep up with the times, you need a website, or you need an overhaul of your current site. The question now is why to choose Capture Creations to fulfill these needs.

This business emerged from the need to fill a niche of my own, and has gone on to fulfill the needs of other hobbyists, small businesses, and clubs. The number of clients requiring regular service is kept minimal to ensure that there is adequate time to devote attention to your project.

Your business is no doubt a labor of love, a product of your dreams, and the most important project to you. My business is likewise to me, and your results are a direct result of mine. Your site should be a work of art that you can take pride in, and each site that I produce is unique and special in its own way.

Why won't you pay exorbitant fees to have me design a site for you? You can - I won't stop you - but I truly believe that quality web site design should be kept within the reach of the average dreamer. The services you will find are of the same caliber as some others who charge hundreds or thousands more, but lack the cookie-cutter feel that you'll get from the "website-in-a-box" companies. What I want is your business, not your every last dollar.

What will you get?

At the end or your project, you will have a website with a clean format designed to enable search engines to pull pertinent information, to allow your visitors to easily navigate and find information, and to display your businessin a way that represents you.
Fresh content keeps visitors coming back! All sites are designed to be compatible with Adobe Contribute for easy maintenance by their owners. This simple program allows multiple users to maintain a single site without compromise to the overall feel of the site, and without the risk of "damage". Ask for more information!
Hosting & Domain Name Registration
Whether you're a do-it-yourselfer or looking for a place to park your new Capture Creations site, check out the awesome hosting package that will meet most business needs. Need upgrades? No problem.
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  Need soneone to take over maintenance of your existing site? Let me take a look to see if I can help.
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Seach Engine Optimization
  Not getting the hits you expect on your site? SEO could be the key!
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