What are your needs?

Daunted by the prospect of venturing into new and unknown territory? Read on to see just how easy it can be! Perhaps you're an old hand at this 'net thing and simply need a change in site design or some services for the DIY type. Either way, we're here to get you off and running with:

The Creative Process

  • We begin by meeting either in person (for local clients) or on the phone to establish individual needs and tastes. Every site is custom designed for the individual - though many sites will follow a common and logical layout, there are no templates or cookie-cutter sites here. We'll discuss colors, themes, fonts, site layout, and special features. Future correspondence will typically be via email so that samples can be sent for approval (much like a decorator seeking an opinion for fabric swatches). Before this first "meeting" and during the early phases of the design process, clients are encouraged to browse the internet looking for features on other sites they find appealing - a particular color scheme, a certain font, a nifty script - and to email links, allowing us an insight into your personal tastes in living color.
  • Once you've supplied us with your images, logos, and a design layout has been finalized, we'll upload mock-ups (static graphic versions of your pages) to a special temproary location on our site for your final approval, check all links to be sure they're working, and then deliver the final product to you on compact disk.

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What's Your Address?

Great! You now have a website...physically in your hand. So how are you going to get this website from the CD in your hand to the World Wide Web for everyone to see? You now need a "host", a place on the 'Net for it to live - similar to your computer, but accessible to all, with greater reliability and safety than your CPU can ever offer. There are a couple of options. You can utilize one of the many free web hosts that exist today, but please realize that these have limitations. Nothing is actually for free: in exchange for no-cost web hosting, your site will be required to display advertising banners for your host, or your bandwidth (the amount of data that can be transferred between your site and your viewers) will be severely limited, shutting down your site when people are most interested in it. While some free hosts are very reliable, others find little or no motivation for providing tech support should things go wrong.

While you are more than welcome to utilize these hosts, we offer a couple of other alternatives. You may have your site hosted under our primary CaptureCreations.com account for a small annual fee if your site is a fairly basic hobby site with minimal space requirements AND if we are performing your maintenance. For those with greater needs or the desire to operate independently, we can offer an amazingly reliable and very competetive hosting package to meet just about anyone's needs.

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The Name Game

You will probably discover that it's worth a small anual fee (about $25) to make your site very easy to find. Let's face it - "www.capturecreations.com/yoursite" is much more difficult to send people to than is "yoursite.com." This is where your domain name comes in - this is the "dot.com" address that directs people to the location on the internet where your website lives. Give us some ideal dot.com addresses and we'll do a search to see if they're available and register one or more in your name if they are. Don't want people to see the actual address of your website? We can add URL masking for a couple of dollars more, and the only address that will show is "yoursite.com".

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The Times, They Are a-Changin'!

Very few websites remain static. In fact, the best way to keep people visiting your site is to keep changing it around, adding and removing content. If you're computer saavy, chances are you'll opt to do this yourself. However, if you aren't, we're happy to also maintain your site for you. You may opt from a basic hourly maintenance plane if you predict infrequent, small changes, or one of our pre-paid plans, giving deeper discounts as you prepay for more of our time.

That's all there is to it!

Ready to get going? Take a moment to check out the rates for our services. You'll find our rates to be very competetive!

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